Locations and Catalogues of Gurney Manuscripts

The main repository of Gurney manuscripts is at the Gloucestershire Archives. A catalogue of this collection is available to browse on this page. A very small number of manuscripts are held at the Royal College of Music and the Bodleian Library. A catalogue of these items will be available here very shortly.

Also accessible through this page is a description of the work of the Gurney Trust and their policy on the use of Gurney’s manuscripts and works. Please take especial note of the copyright issues surrounding the performance and recording of Gurney’s as yet unpublished work.

The Ivor Gurney Trust : Access and use of manuscripts

Please click HERE for an article stating the Trustees’ aims and policies regarding Gurney’s manuscripts and work.

The Ivor Gurney Archive : Catalogue, Gloucestershire Archives

A searchable online catalogue for the Gurney Archive is available on the Gloucestershire Archives’ website, where details of how to visit the Archives can also be found.

You can also download PDF files by clicking any of the titles below in this archive:

Dramatic Works


Letters 1927-1937
Miscellaneous Bound Correspondence
Published Correspondence
Letters from Ivor Gurney to Catherine Abercrombie
Letters from Ivor Gurney to John W. Haines
Letters from Ivor Gurney to F.W.harvey
Letters from Ivor Gurney to Sydney Shimmin
Letters from Ivor Gurney to Ethel Voynich

Song Cycles and Sets
Solo Songs for Voice & Violin
Other Vocal and Choral Works
String Quartetts
Other Chamber Works
Works for Orchestra

October 1922 – December 1923

Photographs of Ivor Gurney

Military Service
Army record

Concert Programmes