Journal: Volume 13 (2007)




A special issue, edited by Kate Kennedy and Trudi Tate, based on conference papers given at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, 8-9 September 2007.


  • R.K.R. Thornton – What did they expect?
  • Sally Minogue – ‘That Awkward Squad’: Ivor Gurney and John Clare in the Line of English Poetry
  • Charles Mueller – Ivor Gurney and the Poetics of War: An Intensification of the Georgian Aesthetic
  • Philip Lancaster – Gurney’s Duality: Well-Spring, Correlations and Conflicts
  • April Frederick – The Craft of Beauty: An Interdisciplinary Model of Criticism for the Songs
  • Peter Palmer – What Makes a Song-Cycle a Cycle?
  • Stephen Banfield – Gurney the Musician
  • Ian Venables – The ‘Unpublished Songs’ of Ivor Gurney: A Composer’s Reappraisal
  • Kate Kennedy – ‘Asylum-made Lunatics’: Life in Dartford
  • James Allum – ‘Bright;y Coloured and Exceptionally Cheap’: The Asylum in the Early 20th Century
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney’s Illness: ‘The Tide of Darkness’
  • Mark Facknitz – ‘Gone out is part of sanity’: Reading from Ivor Gurney’s Shell Shock
  • Reviews