Journal: Volume 15 (2009)





  • Anthony Boden – Gerald & Joy Finzi: Striving for Ivor Gurney
  • Ivor Gurney – By Ashleworth [previously unpublished essay]
  • Pamela Blevins – Marion Scott: ‘In time to come’
  • John France – Marion M. Scott’s compositions – an initial survey
  • Michael Pilkington – Textual problems in the songs of Ivor Gurney
  • Richard Carder – From the gloom of Snow to the clarity of The Trumpet: Gurney’s settings of Edward Thomas Part II.
  • Philip Lancaster – The Sea’s Redemption: Gurney in Cornwall
  • Philip Lancaster & R.K.R. Thornton – Iliad and Banter: Seven unpublished letters of IBG
  • Kate Kennedy – ‘But still he died nobly’: Gurney’s reinterpretation of the pastoral elegy before and during the asylum years
  • Philip Lancaster – On ‘On Earth’
  • Ivor Gurney – On Earth [previously unpublished essay]
  • Reviews