Journal: Volume 17 (2011)





  • P J Kavanagh – Naming Names
  • Roger Deeks – F.W.Harvey, In the Shade of the Hawthorn Hedge
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney:Missing Links; The Hunt Sisters, Winthrop and Calista Rogers, and Valentine Fane
  • Karl O’Neill – The Soldier, the Poet, and the Man from Armagh
  • Eleanor Rawling – A Walk is a Poem; A Poem is a Walk; Walking Gloucetsreshire with Ivor Gurney
  • Richard Carder – Ivor Gurney’s Piano Trios
  • Jeremy Gibson – Framilode (a poem for Ivor Gurney)
  • R K R Thornton – Rolf Jordan, a sketch
  • Valerie Coffin Price – Landscape Explorations
  • Guy Hayward – Singing Gurney: a Personal View
  • Reviews