Journal: Volume 5 (1999)





  • Peter Longshaw – Severn & Somme: Songs and Sonnets
  • Joy King – A Tale of Heroic Courage: Some Tensions in the Concept
    of Masculinity in Ivor Gurney’s Poetry
  • Valerie Langfield – An Unpublished Letter from Ivor Gurney to Gervase Elwes
  • Lynn Parker – ‘The whole craft and business of bad occasion’: a study of ‘First Time In’ and its manuscripts Transcriptions of ‘First Time In’
  • Richard Carder – Song-cycles, Sets and Sappho
  • Kelsey Thornton – Sketch of Richard Carder
  • David Kenneth Smith – Singing Gurney: A History of Recording and a Mandate for the Future
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews