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Society Note Cards

There are eight different scenes of the Gloucestershire landscape. Each card is 4″ x 6″ and presents a high quality colour photograph of a landscape with special meaning for Ivor Gurney, and a poetry extract. Envelopes are provided. Cards can be purchased in packs of four – see below.

Four cards depict scenes of the Cotswold Edge and can be purchased for £6.00 a pack of four.

snowy landscape from Barrow Hill
summer path on Cooper's Hill

Four cards depict scenes of the Severn Valley and can be purchsed for £6.00 for a pack of four.

church and tithe barn at Ashleworth
Gloucester Cathedral

Poems of War. Edited by Kelsey Thornton. £5


The Ivor Gurney Society Journal

Copies can be bought individually, or a set of all volumes still in print can be ordered as a whole.

Postage and packaging is charged at a nominal rate of 50 pence per journal, with the exception of the complete journal sets, and £1.50 per disc.

Latest Edition

Volume 21 (2015) – Copies available (£5)2015

Show contents
  • David Briggs – Gurney and ‘the man who knew Tolstoi’
  • R.K.R Thornton – A New Gurney Letter and a Contemporary’s view of him
  • Errik M. Hood – A Pedagogical Discussion of Ivor Gurney’s Art Song Repertoire
  • Noel Hayward – Dorothy and Ivor – Worlds Apart
  • Reviews:
  • Richard Carder – The Complete C.W.Orr Songbook, Vol 1; Mark Stone and Simon Lepper
  • April Fredrick – Music for Evensong at Gloucester Cathedral; Commemorating the ‘War’ to End all Wars; Adrian Partington, Jonathan Hope and the Cathedral Choir.
  • Roderic Dunnett – Elegy for P.J.Kavanagh
  • R.K.R Thornton – Sketch of P.J.Kavanagh

Complete Set:


A complete set of those journals that are still in print
(currently all volumes, 1995-2014, excepting 2000 and 2001)

Copies available (£45)

For delivery within the UK:

For delivery to the EU:


Volume 1 (1995) – Copies available (£5)1995

Show contents
  • Peter Longshaw – Severn & Somme: Songs and Sonnets
  • Joy King – A Tale of Heroic Courage: Some Tensions in the Concept
    of Masculinity in Ivor Gurney’s Poetry
  • Roderic Dunnett – Patterns of Bright Green: Gurney the Musician
  • Julian Philips – Gurney as Lyricist: The making of ‘Dread of Starry Majesties’
  • Penny Ely – ‘A Combination of Don Quixote and D’Artagnon’: John Haines on Gurney
  • R.K.R. Thornton – New Howells-Gurney Papers
  • Reviews

Volume 2 (1996) – Copies available (£5)1996

Show contents
  • Rodney Hillman – Discoveries and Celebrations: Ivor Gurney as Great War Poet
  • Barbara Garlick – At the Marge: Re-reading Ivor Gurney
  • Jean Cochrane – Night Walker (poem)
  • Roderic Dunnett – The Rightness of Gurney
  • Nora Sirbaugh – Reflections of Singing Ivor Gurney
  • Anthony Boden – Marion Scott and ‘Contemporary British War-poetry, Music and Patriotism’ (1916)
  • Lynn Parker – ‘Freedom’ and ‘Confinement’: Two Archive Poems
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 3 (1997) – Copies available (£5)1996

Show contents
  • Wilfrid Mellers – Requiescat for Ivor Gurney
  • Mark William Brown – Music and Lyrics by Ivor Gurney
  • Pamela Blevins – Annie Drummond’s Treasured Memory
  • John Jacobs – ‘That queer hankering afer extinction’: Sassoon and ‘A Soldier’s Declaration’
  • George Walter – ‘My True Work Now’: an Unpublished Ivor Gurney Letter
  • [ed.] – A Local Response to Severn & Somme
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 4 (1998) – Copies available (£5)1998

Show contents
  • Michael Hurd – Gurney’s Unpublishable(?) Songs
  • John Lucas – Edward Thomas, Ivor Gurney and English Socialism
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney, Wilfred Owen and T.Ratcliffe Barnett in Scotland
  • Ben Scott – The Obverse of the Canonical: Ivor Gurney and the American Civil War
  • Ben Scott & George Walter – ‘Glory crying for poetry’: Ivor Gurney’s American Poems
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 5 (1999) – Copies available (£5)1999

Show contents
  • Peter Longshaw – Severn & Somme: Songs and Sonnets
  • Joy King – A Tale of Heroic Courage: Some Tensions in the Concept
    of Masculinity in Ivor Gurney’s Poetry
  • Valerie Langfield – An Unpublished Letter from Ivor Gurney to Gervase Elwes
  • Lynn Parker – ‘The whole craft and business of bad occasion’: a study of ‘First Time In’ and its manuscripts Transcriptions of ‘First Time In’
  • Richard Carder – Song-cycles, Sets and Sappho
  • Kelsey Thornton – Sketch of Richard Carder
  • David Kenneth Smith – Singing Gurney: A History of Recording and a Mandate for the Future
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 6 (2000) – Out of print)1999

Show contents
  • Arnold Rattenbury – The Sanity of Ivor Gurney
  • Anthony Boden – Ivor Gurney: Schizophrenic?
  • Pamela Blevins – New Perspectives on Ivor Gurney’s Mental Illness
  • Rodney Hillman – Wrestling with Proteus: Edmund Blunden’s ‘Undertones of War’
  • George Walter – Editing Ivor Gurney’s Poetry
  • Lynn Parker – ‘Sorrow of Mydath’: Malcolm Davidson
  • Kelsey Thornton – A New Ivor Gurney Letter to Lascelles Abercrombie
  • David Kenneth Smith – Severn Meadows I: A Background of Influences
  • Reviews

Volume 7 (2001) – Out of print)1999

Show contents
  • Desmond Graham – ‘Out of the heart’s sickness’: Ivor Gurney as a Poet of War
  • Stephen Banfield – Location and Dislocation in Music of Ivor Gurney
  • Pamela Blevins – Marion Scott – The Writer
  • Liane Curtis – Rebecca Clarke and the British Musical Renaissance
  • Cathy Martin – ‘Nearer Walt Whitman’s perfect man’? Ivor Gurney’s American Poems
  • David Kenneth Smith – Severn Meadows II: The Actual Catalysts
  • Richard Hughes – Ivor Gurney’s Western Front Songs
  • Reviews

Volume 8 (2002) – Copies available (£5)2002

Show contents
  • Ian Venables – The Music of Poetry
  • Andrew Motion – Beaten Down Continually
  • David Wojahn – ‘If You Have to be Sure Don’t Write’: Poetry and Self-Doubt
  • Pamela Blevins – Women, War and Words
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 9 (2003) – Copies available (£5)2003

Show contents
  • Jeff Cooper – Ivor Gurney and the Abercrombies
  • Pamela Coren – Gurney’s Elizabethans
  • James Bridges – Georgians and War Poets
  • Margi Blunden – The Lost Selves – Edmund Blunden’s connection to Ivor Gurney
  • Ronald Blythe – The Great War – and the Little Magazines
  • Pamela Blevins – One Last Chance: Dr Randolph Davis and Ivor Gurney
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 10 (2004) – Copies available (£5)2004

Show contents
  • Charles W. Moore – How I found Ivor B. Gurney
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney’s Friends: Ethel Voynich – ‘E.L.V.’ Revolutionary, Novelist, Translator, Composer
  • Wendy French – Two Poems: ‘Barnwood House, Gloucester’, ‘Obsession’
  • Stephen Banfield – Gurney and Housman
  • James Bridges – The Georgians and their England
  • Trevor Hold – Four Poems
  • Richard Carder – Gurney’s Journeys to Graves
  • Bibliography Update
  • Reviews

Volume 11 (2005) – Copies available (£5)2005

Show contents
  • Pamela Coren – Gurney’s Solace: Shakespeare, Jonson and Byrd
  • Sally Minogue – Portrait of the Artist: Ivor Gurney as Modern Maker
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney’s Friends: Marion Scott’s American Heritage: The Prince Family of Salem, Massachusetts
  • Pamela Blevins – Obituary: Don Ray
  • Winifred Gurney – On Having a Genius in the Family
  • Bibliography update
  • Reviews

Volume 12 (2006) – Copies available (£5)2006

Show contents
  • Philip Lancaster – Danemen and Drum-taps
  • Philip Lancaster – Ivor Gurney: Catalogue of Musical Works
  • Pamela Blevins – Marion Scott and the Society of Women Musicians
  • Richard Carder – Ivor Gurney’s Essay on Joseph Haydn
  • Geoffrey Peck – Michael Hurd: obituary
  • Reviews

Volume 13 (2007) – Copies available (£5)2007

A special issue, edited by Kate Kennedy and Trudi Tate, based on conference papers given at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, 8-9 September 2007.
Show contents
  • R.K.R. Thornton – What did they expect?
  • Sally Minogue – ‘That Awkward Squad’: Ivor Gurney and John Clare in the Line of English Poetry
  • Charles Mueller – Ivor Gurney and the Poetics of War: An Intensification of the Georgian Aesthetic
  • Philip Lancaster – Gurney’s Duality: Well-Spring, Correlations and Conflicts
  • April Frederick – The Craft of Beauty: An Interdisciplinary Model of Criticism for the Songs
  • Peter Palmer – What Makes a Song-Cycle a Cycle?
  • Stephen Banfield – Gurney the Musician
  • Ian Venables – The ‘Unpublished Songs’ of Ivor Gurney: A Composer’s Reappraisal
  • Kate Kennedy – ‘Asylum-made Lunatics’: Life in Dartford
  • James Allum – ‘Bright;y Coloured and Exceptionally Cheap’: The Asylum in the Early 20th Century
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney’s Illness: ‘The Tide of Darkness’
  • Mark Facknitz – ‘Gone out is part of sanity’: Reading from Ivor Gurney’s Shell Shock
  • Reviews

Volume 14 (2008) – Copies available (£5)2008

Show contents
  • Chris O’Reilly – ‘to more moving called’: an existentialist appreciation of Ivor Gurney’s poetry
  • Pamela Blevins – Marion Scott Remembers the Crystal Palace: A Map of the World
  • David Goodland – Gurney… In and out of the shadows…
  • Richard Turbet – Byrd and Ivor Gurney
  • Roderic Dunnett – Ivor Gurney in Buckinghamshire
  • R.K.R. Thornton – Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
  • April Frederick – Theatre of the Imagination
  • Richard Carder – With the Penny Whistle on the Old Road. Gurney’s settings of Edward Thomas Part I.
  • Rolf Jordan – The first Gurney recording?
  • R.K.R. Thornton – Sketch of Ian Venables
  • Kate Kennedy – ‘Mother’ England
  • Reviews

Volume 15 (2009) – Copies available (£5)2009

Show contents
  • Anthony Boden – Gerald & Joy Finzi: Striving for Ivor Gurney
  • Ivor Gurney – By Ashleworth [previously unpublished essay]
  • Pamela Blevins – Marion Scott: ‘In time to come’
  • John France – Marion M. Scott’s compositions – an initial survey
  • Michael Pilkington – Textual problems in the songs of Ivor Gurney
  • Richard Carder – From the gloom of Snow to the clarity of The Trumpet: Gurney’s settings of Edward Thomas Part II.
  • Philip Lancaster – The Sea’s Redemption: Gurney in Cornwall
  • Philip Lancaster & R.K.R. Thornton – Iliad and Banter: Seven unpublished letters of IBG
  • Kate Kennedy – ‘But still he died nobly’: Gurney’s reinterpretation of the pastoral elegy before and during the asylum years
  • Philip Lancaster – On ‘On Earth’
  • Ivor Gurney – On Earth [previously unpublished essay]
  • Reviews

Volume 16 (2010) – Copies available (£5)2009

Show contents
  • Eleanor Rawling – Putting Gurney in His Place; a Geographical Perspective
  • John France – Ivor Gurney & ‘On Wenlock Edge’
  • Pamela Blevins – The Marginalization of Women in the First World War & a Book That Should Be Required Reading for Students of the War
  • Philip Lancaster – War and Betrayal: Two Fables by Ivor Gurney
  • Ivor Gurney – Fable. by Leo Count Tolstoi [previously unpublished prose tale]
  • Ivor Gurney – Roman [previously unpublished poem]
  • R.K.R. Thornton – Diary of a Trip to Belgium•Ian Venables – ‘To make musical history for England and out of Gloster stuff’ – The orchestral music of Ivor Gurney
  • Roderic Dunnett – Top Class Musicianship: a review of the 2010 Three Choirs Festival
  • Philip Lancaster – A Note on Accessing the Gurney Archive
  • Philip Lancaster – Reconstructing Gurney in the Archive
  • Ian Venables – The Ivor Gurney Trust
  • Reviews
  • Index to vols. 1-15

Volume 17 (2011) – Copies available (£5)2011

Show contents
  • P J Kavanagh – Naming Names
  • Roger Deeks – F.W.Harvey, In the Shade of the Hawthorn Hedge
  • Pamela Blevins – Ivor Gurney:Missing Links; The Hunt Sisters, Winthrop and Calista Rogers, and Valentine Fane
  • Karl O’Neill – The Soldier, the Poet, and the Man from Armagh
  • Eleanor Rawling – A Walk is a Poem; A Poem is a Walk; Walking Gloucetsreshire with Ivor Gurney
  • Richard Carder – Ivor Gurney’s Piano Trios
  • Jeremy Gibson – Framilode (a poem for Ivor Gurney)
  • R K R Thornton – Rolf Jordan, a sketch
  • Valerie Coffin Price – Landscape Explorations
  • Guy Hayward – Singing Gurney: a Personal View
  • Reviews

Volume 18 (2012) – Copies available (£5)2012

Show contents
  • Eleanor Rawling – ‘A Blowy Severn Tided Place’; Ivor Gurney,Will Harvey and the Severn Valley
  • Rolf Jordan – The Gurneys of Gloucestershire
  • R K R Thornton – The Cheesman Archive
  • John France – Ivor Gurney and ‘Adlestrop’
  • Reviews

Volume 19 (2013) – Copies available (£5)2013

Show contents
  • Rolf Jordan ‘A good man, kind and gentle’: The Reverend Canon A H Cheesman
  • Rolf Jordan Appendix: The Reverend Canon A H Cheesman’s Library
  • Noel Hayward Dorothy Gurney@ her life abd times in the Australian Mallee
  • Philip Lancaster At Gerontius’s Bierside
  • Piet Chielens ‘And old Flanders wnet under to long ages of plough thought in my pages’: The Ypres poems of Ivor Gurney
  • Philip Lancaster That Tower
  • Reviews
Volume 20 (2014) – Copies available (£5)2014

Show contents
  • J Grant Repshire – ‘The Well-Loved Fields of Old’; F W Harvey and Ivor Gurney’s friendship and creative partnership during the First World War as seen through the study of the F W Harvey Collection.
  • Eleanor Rawling – ‘The Dead Land Oppressed Me’
  • Jacobine van Laar – Gurney and his Singers
  • Noel Hayward – Reflections on a Journey through Flanders and Gloucestershire: Discovering Gurney Dreaming
  • Sam Sutcliffe – Nobody of Any Importance
  • Reviews


David Goodland reads the poetry of Ivor Gurney

A double CD reissue (2007) of the 1998 cassette
recording first issued by the Society.
Copies available (£10)

Ivor Gurney Songs


Susan Bickley (mezzo-sop.); Iain Burnside (pf.). Naxos: 8.572151.

Copies available (£5)

Piano Music by Ivor Gurney & Howard Ferguson


Sheet Music

We hope to make scores of Gurney’s songs and other works available from this site in due course.