Towards a Full Bibliography

In 1996 the Ivor Gurney Society published a volume aiming to be as complete a Gurney bibliography as is possible, building on the bibliography of Joy King in 1990.

Since 1996, with a burgeoning interest in Gurney, there have been frequent updates to the bibliography in the Society’s journal. However, searching through 10 years worth of journals, as well as the bibliography volume itself, is unsatisfactory, and can only worsen with the necessity of further updates. Rather than reprint the volume with the numerous updates we have decided to embrace the digital age and produce an online version which can be updated constantly and is accessible from one single source.

This web resource has been developed by Philip Lancaster.

How to use the Bibliography

Abbreviations used in the bibliography:

  • ‘TAB’: This refers to the original publication of this resource, Towards a Bibliography, Ivor Gurney Society, 1996.
  • ‘IGS’: The Ivor Gurney Society

Entries in this bibliography take the following form:

A.1. ‘The Twa Corbies’, Music and Letters, Volume 1, number 2 (March 1920), pp.171-175.

    Words taken from an anonymous Border Ballad. See A.29 and A.35.

The initial reference (A1) gives the entry number within the bibliography.

Where other items in the bibliography have been cross referenced, clicking on the bibliographic reference in each instance will take you to the page and precise location of that entry. In most cases the back button of your browser should return you to your original location.

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Bibliography Navigation

Section 1: Original work by Gurney

A: Music
B: Poetry
C: Prose
D: Letters
E: Anthologies featuring Gurney’s work

Section 2: Performances & recordings of works by Gurney

F: Concerts and recitals
G: Radio and television broadcasts
H: Commercial recordings

Section 3: The critical response

I: Biographical material
J: Criticism of the music
K: Criticism of the poetry
L: Theses and dissertations

Section 4: Celebrations & creative response

M: Commemorations & celebrations
N: Creative work inspired by Gurney
O: Settings of Gurney’s poems by others