Ivor Gurney Sites


  • The Edward Thomas Fellowship
    A group devoted to the work of this poet, who was hugely important for Gurney
  • The FW Harvey Society
    A recently formed society devoted to the work of Gurney’s boyhood friend, and fellow Gloucestershire poet, F.W. Harvey
  • Friends of the Dymock Poets
    devoted to the work of the six poets who met around Dymock, Gloucestershire, in 1914: Abercrombie, Brooke, Drinkwater, Frost, Gibson, and Thomas, many of whom were influential upon Gurney, although he was only to meet Gibson
  • The Housman Society
    Housman’s poetry was a great influence upon Gurney, from his formative years, through the settings in his most important song cycles, to the companionship he found in Housman’s poetry at the very end of his life.
  • The War Poets Association

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